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Pick your favorite in-person lesson and walk through these steps for digitizing it.

Welcome back! This post is focused on stepping you through the digitization of an in-person lesson plan. We will use tools from the G Suite for Education because those are widely available to schools and anyone with a gmail.

The Lesson Presentation

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ~Albert Einstein

Before you begin let this quote resonate with you. You can create an online learning environment with you as the nucleus or your can create an online learning ecosystem that you are a part of. Beware that, unlike in a brick a mortar environment, the sage on the stage approach may not prove to be the most effective in online teaching.

Digitize the Lesson Presentation

You are not a stranger to presenting lessons and, if you've been using a classroom Smartboard, you may already have digitized lesson presentations. These are simply lessons in a format that can be screen shared during a video conference class. I've found that the simplest way to create these is with Google Slides or MS PowerPoint.

Example: 3rd Grade Math Lesson

This lesson uses Carson Dellosa's Spectrum Interactive Notebook. Digital notebooks were purchased from the Carson Dellosa store and shared with students. Be mindful of copyright and fair use requirements when creating lessons.

Digitize Guided Practice

This is where it gets fun!

Guided practice is easier to do in person, if done correctly, it can be both effective and fun in the online ecosystem. A great free option is Kahoot! Kahoot boasts that they have over 30 million public games ready to play and many of thee are standards-aligned. It is also easy to create a game that is customized to your lesson. Kahoot games can be played live via a Zoom or Google Hangouts meeting or you can use one to create a challenge, which is an asynchronous activity. This is a Kahoot game I found that aligns with the sample lesson above: Play the Measuring Length Kahoot game.

Another great option for guided practice is IXL Learning. IXL requires a subscription but gives you a handful of free questions each day. A few other ideas are Khan Academy, Quizlet, and Quizziz.

Digitized Assignments/Assessments

There are also tools for digitized assessments. Many schools already subscribe to digitized formative assessment tools like Edmentum's Study Island or MasteryConnect but if yours does not MasteryConnect offers a freemium version.

You can also use Google Form to create quizzes or worksheets. This tutorial will step you through the process. As mentioned above the Kahoot Challenge can be used as a digitized assignment. You can also assign Khan Academy practice sessions. Google Docs are a great option for writing assignments.

TIP! - Administer proctored assessments via Zoom or Google Hangouts to ensure fidelity!

I know a lot of information has been presented in this post, take a deep breath and start on one item; perhaps creating a Kahoot Challenge for one of your favorite lessons. Once you get going your creative juices will start flowing and you'll begin to think of other ways you can engage your students in the online ecosystem.

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