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Improve student engagement with this easy to use video tool.

Welcome fabulous educators!

“If a picture is worth a thousand words is a video priceless?”


If you're not using Flipgrid yet it's time to start. Flipgrid is one of my favorite tech tools.

First, let's talk about what Flipgrid is... It's a place for discussions, a place to read, a place to introduce ourselves, or place for whatever other creative ideas you and your students come up with.  It's kind of complicated to explain so instead of using far too many words in an attempt to do that I'm going to share this overview video to show you how it works.

If you aren't used to creating videos you may have to overcome camera-shyness (I did). This blog post may help. Trust me when I say that the nervousness diminishes with each video you create.

Some examples of how I've used Flipgrid

Daily reading practice - Two years ago I had a first grade student who was reading below level and we used Flipgrid for daily reading practice. She read for 60 seconds every day on a Flipgrid board that was dedicated to her reading. I recorded videos back for her to see the next day.

Icebreaker introductions - I've had high school students log into Flipgrid and complete icebreaker activities.

Book reports - I love books and assign a lot of reading activities. I've used Flipgrid to introduce younger students to the concept of book reports. Before they're old enough to write a report they can tell you about the book, especially if they have a worksheet to use as a guide!

Number talks - I'm a Jo Boaler groupie and have used Flipgrid to participate in Number Talks with students.

I'm confident you'll find many more fabulous ways to use Flipgrid with your students!

Happy Flipgriding!

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