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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Post Update: The state's broadband office published this information: Internet Resources for Oklahomans

One of the primary challenges with pivoting to distance learning is the digital divide. The digital divide is defined as the difference between those who have readily available internet and those who do not. Equity is paramount in education and it's exciting to see many internet providers stepping up to help close this divide during this time of crisis. Below is a roundup of some available resources.

Keep Americans Connected Pledge

In the U.S. the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates communication, this includes radio, television, telephone, and internet. In response to Covid-19 they asked private communication companies to sign a pledge to keep Americans connected during this crisis. The pledge is below and you can follow this link to see if your provider has signed the pledge.

Discounted Internet Service Options

This is not an exhaustive list. Check with your provider to see what programs they have in place.

AT&T offers discounted home internet for $5 or $10 per month under their Access program for families who qualify. They're also offering a low cost prepaid 2GB phone plan for $15 per month. Additionally, existing customers home internet customers will not be charged for data overages.

Verizon is adding 15GB of data to most of their plans, follow this link to understand if your plan is included.

Cox Communications is offering families in need two months of free access to their Connect2Compete program.

T-Mobile also has a 2G mobile plan for $15.00 per month; read more about it here.

As schools across the nation pivot to virtual learning environments I hope that each of you find a method for your students to connect.

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