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Worksheets and Interactive Notebooks - Digitized

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

No printer, ink, scissors, glue, or crayons are needed!

Paper assignments can be a challenge for distant learners and their teachers. Many students do not have a printer at home. Teachers have a hard time grading paper assignments virtually. Digital worksheets will help you utilize all your favorite worksheets without inconvenience or mess.

I will show you how to transform any worksheet into a digital learning tool in 5 simple steps.

#1 Take a snip of your pdf worksheet to convert it into an image.

If your worksheet is not accessible online, take a scan of it using your printer or scanner app on your phone.

#2 Open a fresh Google Slides Presentation.

#3 Change the Page Set Up to Custom 8.5 x 11 inches.

This ensures that your worksheet fits properly on the slide.

#4 Add your worksheet image as the slide Background.

This keeps students from moving or editing the original worksheet.

#5 Add moveable responses for students to use to complete the worksheet.

Moveable parts make this worksheet interactive. No scissors or glue needed.


  • Older students will enjoy using the Google Slides tools to complete their own responses to the worksheet. They are quick to learn how to make text boxes so that constructed response questions can be answered by the student and easily graded by you.

  • Since Google Slides is a collaboration tool, this process works great for group projects. Consider having each of your students use the drawing tools to draw a self-portrait. Each student can be assigned a different slide in one presentation to construct their drawing. Students will enjoy viewing their peers' drawings and getting ideas on how to construct their own portrait. Another idea would be to have students upload a picture of themself holding a book that they are currently reading. They could add a text box to include a summary of the book. When completed as a collaboration project, students will be able to see what their friends are reading and get book recommendations for their next reading adventure. *Don't think your students can handle collaboration!?! Simply assign this project to students individually and then compile submissions into one "view-only" presentation.

  • Consider transforming a Project-Based Learning activity into a Google Slides presentation. Students can use Google Slides as a workbook to show mastery of multiple skills all while developing digital skills using the Google Suite Tools.

What are some ways that you are using worksheets while teaching remotely?

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