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Zoom Tips and Tricks

I've been using Zoom for a little over 4 years now and it's become a staple in my tech toolbox. It's robust and I'll openly admit that I didn't learn it in a day (or even a week). Don't stress if your first meetings have hiccups. Tech hiccups are like spilled milk, they're going to happen and there's no use crying over them. Practice with other teachers and consider the first sessions with your students practice, too! Below is a round up of tips and tricks. Cruise through them and find your own groove.

Meeting Security

Zoombombing refers to internet trolling in which someone crashes into your Zoom meeting. The University of Southern California created a Zoombombing Resources page that shows you how to avoid this. Although I've never experienced Zoombombing I tend to use my personal meeting ID for most of my Zoom meetings and sometimes people get the times mixed up causing them to accidentally "bomb" a meeting. I fix this by locking the meeting. Follow this link to learn how to lock a meeting.

Students should not have Zoom accounts

Students don't need accounts to log in and you don't want them to set up accounts because that enables things like chats that could be used for bullying. Teachers simply share the Zoom URL with students who click the link and join. Easy-peasy - no student accounts.

Skip Class Recording

Classes can be recorded but I never do it because children should not be captured on videos. It's creepy and, although I'm not an attorney, it sure seems like a FERPA violation. I also don't take screenshots of students. I record attendance in a notebook before starting a lesson. If you want to read more about Zoom and FERPA visit this page: Zoom for K12 Schools and Districts Privacy Policy

No Document Camera, No Problem

by California teacher Krissy Venosdale

Join Zoom from both your laptop and phone. Share the screen from your phone and write. Voila' You could probably also flip the camera and not have to share your screen but I haven't tried that yet. If you do, let me know how it works!

Playing Videos in Zoom Meetings

This is important. When you queue up your awesome video to play for your attentive students, you're going to click share screen and then you're going to pause, take a deep breath and remember that I told you to click the little checkbox in the bottom left of the share screen pop-up that says "Share Computer Sound."

I forgot to click that checkbox so many times only to have the kids say "we caaannnn't hear it..." and then I'd have to stop the video, stop the share, share again, click the checkbox and restart the video. Ugh. Click share, pause, deep breath, engage memory, click checkbox, release breath, and carry on with the lesson.

More Zoom Resources

A bunch of California cool cats and kittens created these documents and they're very helpful!

Zoom Tips for Educators

Zoom Task Cards

Happy Zooming!

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